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Are Dental Implants Right For You?

Dec 20, 2022

Dental implants may be the right solution for you, if:

You want a permanent, natural-looking replacement for missing teeth

Dental implants are customized to blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth for a stunning smile. They look and function just like natural teeth, and they can last a lifetime with proper care.

We feature a range of implant solutions to restore any amount of missing teeth. Whether you need a single implant with a porcelain crown or full-arch dentures secured with multiple implants, Dr. Kim can restore health and beauty to your smile.

You want to live with confidence and freedom

Your smile is often one of the first things people notice about you. As a result, it can be tough to socialize when you’re reluctant to smile due to missing teeth. Dental implants can eliminate this issue, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with total confidence.

Unlike traditional dentures, you won’t have to worry about your implants sliding around or falling out of your mouth. They can also be cleaned just like natural teeth, so you don’t have to rely on special cleaning solutions or messy dental adhesives.

You want long-term protection for your oral health

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that fuses with your jawbone to replace the natural tooth root. This process is called osseointegration and it stimulates healthy jawbone growth to prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting. Implants will also help you avoid sagging skin and premature wrinkles, so you can maintain a more youthful appearance.

By eliminating gaps between teeth, dental implants reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When you restore your smile with implants, you can rest assured that they’ll protect your oral health for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have dentures, can I upgrade to dental implants?

Many patients who wear dentures ask if they can upgrade to dental implants. In most cases, the answer is yes! Dr. Kim can customize a full or partial denture just for you and secure it with implants for a stable restoration. If you’ve suffered significant bone loss in your jaw or if you have gum disease, supplemental treatments such as gum and bone grafting can prepare you for implants.

If I have gum disease, can I still get dental implants?

Patients with gum disease may not immediately qualify for dental implants, but treating the infection will likely restore your candidacy. It’s essential to have healthy gums before getting dental implants if you want them to succeed and last for many years to come. Thankfully, Dr. Kim offers periodontal treatment to ensure your gums are ready for implants.

What if my jawbone isn’t strong enough to support dental implants?

A strong, dense jawbone is one of the most important factors in an implant’s success. Without plenty of healthy bone tissue, your implant won’t have the support it needs to function like a natural tooth. Bone grafting is a supplementary procedure that involves grafting healthy tissue to any deficient areas of your jaw, restoring it to full strength. With the help of bone grafting, you can prepare your mouth for implants and protect your long-term oral health.

How do I know if dental implants are right for me?

Any patient who wants a natural-looking, permanent solution to tooth loss may benefit from dental implants. Unlike other restorations such as dentures, implants are totally stable, never removed, and can be cleaned just like natural teeth. You won’t have to worry about your implants falling out or sliding out of place, and you can enjoy all your favorite foods without restrictions.

Dr. Kim customizes every implant solution to blend in seamlessly with your smile. They’re extremely durable and can last up to a lifetime with proper care. By choosing dental implants, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy and beautiful smile for many years to come.

Visit Dr. Kim for Dental Implants

If you think dental implants are the right treatment for you, or if you simply want to learn more about the procedure, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Kim. He’ll examine your teeth, gums, and jawbone in detail to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for implants.

Call our office in Glen Mills at 610-358-5690 and schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kim today. It’s the first step to your new smile.