Tooth Extractions

Safe & Gentle Tooth-Removal With Dr. Kim

Although we do everything we can to prevent it, there are certain situations when extracting a damaged tooth is the best option for your health. There are a variety of reasons why you may need to have a tooth removed, but some of the most common include:

  • Extensive damage due to decay
  • Severe physical trauma caused by an accident or a blow to the head
  • When a primary tooth fails to come out on its own
  • An impacted wisdom tooth

No matter the cause, Dr. Kim and our team will gently extract the affected tooth, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the process. Once removed, we can replace the removed tooth with a dental implant or another tooth replacement option that will restore your smile, health, and confidence.

How an Extraction Can Help

Extracting a tooth is never ideal, but there are certain situations where you can benefit from it. For example, if your tooth is severely decayed, getting it removed will prevent the infection from spreading and causing further issues.

In cases like these, removing your tooth actually protects you from further health issues in the future. This saves you time and money in the long run, in addition to helping you avoid painful conditions.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

In some cases, a tooth may need to be extracted unexpectedly. This may be necessary if you experience dental trauma and the tooth’s damage is too severe to be saved by Dr. Kim. In this instance, we can offer you emergency dental care to extract your tooth and ensure good oral health.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Another common type of tooth extraction is for your wisdom teeth. These well-known third set of molars typically grow in as our mouths continue to develop into their adult stage. Wisdom teeth will often grow in impacted, which affects your surrounding teeth and need to be removed.

Dr. Kim can extract your wisdom teeth in a simple, single-day visit to our Glen Mills office. Using any necessary sedation, the procedure is done comfortably and efficiently for your convenience.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Once we’ve extracted a damaged or decayed tooth, the aftercare for it is crucial so it doesn’t get infected. It’s common to experience pain or sensitivity, so it’s best to take OTC medication to help, or Dr. Kim may prescribe you with other painkiller medications.

When attending to the area where we extracted your tooth, we recommend that you:

  • Rest for 24 hours following the operation and limit your activity for the next couple of days
  • Don’t rinse, spit, or use a straw
  • Rinse your mouth with a salt solution
  • Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes at a time to the outside of your mouth
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Continue brushing and flossing your teeth to prevent infection